chapter  5
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War and Armed Confl ict: Threat to African Women’s Human Security

ByFatuma Ahmed Ali

As Africa has been plagued by a series of armed confl icts, the peoples of many African countries have been bereft of most elements of human security. These confl icts, largely internal civil wars, bring into sharp focus the realities of the incompatibility between militarized approaches to political ends and human security. Viewed as a reasonable assurance of human wellbeing, as human security is conceived of in this volume, armed confl ict may be seen as the major obstacle to human wellbeing in these African countries. African women in particular have suffered denial of all the four fundamental sources of human security set forth in the framework which binds these articles together. This article will illuminate the multiple ways in which war and armed confl ict deny thousands of African women their fundamental right to human security.