chapter  5
Intersections in everyday conversations: racetalk, classtalk, and gendertalk in the workplace
ByDavid G. Embrick, Kasey Henricks
Pages 15

What kind of racial era is upon us? Some public intellectuals, both conservative and liberal, have declared contemporary times in the U.S. to be “post-racial” and that this generation marks “the end of racism.” After all, it is the age of Obama. How can race be a problem in the U.S. when a black man can become president? So the narrative goes. Critical race scholars adamantly disagree and caution that such conclusions are overly romanticized. On the contrary, racism is far from dead. Because race remains a salient determinant of life circumstances and opportunities in virtually every socioeconomic measure available, it is premature to say that race no longer matters or is of declining signifi cance.