chapter  13
Race, class, gender, and online courses in the academy: new questions for the twenty- fi rst century
ByAmitra A. Wall, Susan Mary Paige, Joseph Marren
Pages 8

Race, class, and gender have been and continue to be areas for high-quality research. We are now in the twenty-fi rst century and we must include the new innovations and technologies to the continued discussions about race, class, and gender issues. For instance, the growth and pace of technological advances are breathtaking, which means that interpersonal relations are impacted by social media like Facebook and Twitter. Personal computing is in your pocket and the desktop computer will soon be in the same category as your VHS tapes. Your car and Smart phone speak to you to respond to your questions, tell you where to go, and remind you about what you are supposed to do next. The voice of Siri, though somewhat female, is welcomed by males and females. Modern electronic airport screening devices reveal your unclothed body to TSA agents. Surveillance cameras are everywhere and track your every movement and transaction with the GPS in your portable phone and in your vehicles. Oh yes, information about your computer searches is being hoovered up and stored by Google.