chapter  17
Realities and fl uidity of race, class, and gender: different places, times, and contexts
ByShobha Hamal Gurung
Pages 13

The meanings, experiences, and effects of race, class, and gender are different depending on geographical locations, times, and contexts. In some places-like for example, the U.S. and European societies-the color of the eyes, skin, and hair are markers of race. In other societies, these markers of race do not hold any meaning. For example, in Nepal, race is based on physical features rather than color. This chapter explores how race, class, and gender are experienced differently within and across various societies in different nations. I draw upon two different sources: (1) my lived experiences in Nepal and the United States; (2) my teaching experience at four different institutions in the U.S. The chapter particularly focuses on two main issues: (1) the reality, fl uidity, and dynamics of race, class, and gender in different places and contexts; (2) the challenges and adventures of teaching race, class, and gender-based inequality.