chapter  1
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Young Children, Pedagogy and the Arts: Ways of Seeing

ByGail Boldt, Felicity McArdle

Seeing comes before knowing (Berger, 1990). A child sees a cat before knowing it is named ‘cat’, and before knowing its furry, four-legged ways of being. And knowing comes before seeing. We see what we know. We buy a new car, and although we had never noticed it before, suddenly it seems like the roads are fi lled with that brand of car. If we know children as inherently ‘naughty’, we see their faults and defi cits. If we know children as immature, we see them as possibly cute, but certainly not serious or capable in their interactions with people and things. If we know children as skilful and creative negotiators of their social worlds, we are prepared to see and appreciate what they can do. This book aims to suggest new ways of seeing young children through discussing new ways of thinking about children’s engagements in the arts.