chapter  6
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Dancing Without My Body: Cultural Integration in the Middle East: Nadra Majeed Assaf


In a globalized world, the struggle to maintain autonomy plays a large role in the path that artists choose. Communication and education today play larger roles in maintaining human connections than previous centuries have witnessed. Forms of communication have changed and developed in accordance with social and cultural norms across the globe. No longer can a country only focus on the needs and standards within its borders; it must simultaneously adopt a global perspective. With all these factors to consider, how does an artist approach his/her audience and, even more crucially to the debate, who is the intended audience and how are they related to the actual or perspective audience? Adding to the deliberation of issues of social/ cultural acceptance and global religious confl icts occurring daily, one need not ponder the whys in the struggle the Middle East faces when dealing with the West and vice versa.