chapter  8
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Pluralistic counselling psychology for young people


As has already been described in Chapter 6, this book takes the stance that there are a multitude of therapeutic responses to the issues that young people bring to therapy. This chapter attempts to take this a step further by providing a glimpse into some of the possibilities that we have encountered within our therapeutic work with this age group. In doing so, we begin by recapping the position of a pluralistic counselling psychology and reflecting upon how this can become even more complex when considering the client group in question. Following this, we provide an overview of the types of goals that young people may have when they enter into therapy, therapeutic tasks undertaken and methods that counsellors often use. Alongside these we also provide reflective activities with a view to getting you, the reader, to enter into a more personal engagement with the topics being discussed. Finally, we present three composite case studies, which aim to clarify what therapeutic work with young people may be like and illustrate the interaction of therapeutic goals, tasks and methods.