chapter  14
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Squeezed from all sides: changing resource tenure and pastoralist innovation on the Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

ByJohn Letai, Jeremy Lind

Land and resource grabs existing alongside processes of commercialization in pastoral areas of the Horn raise questions concerning what forms of pastoralism may exist in the future, how pastoralism might exist alongside other land uses including elite livestock specialists who supply larger markets, as well as who stands to benefit from changing resource tenure and associated economic opportunities and who might become newly vulnerable. Because the pastoral margins were for so long regarded as of little economic value to state bureaucratic officials, and there was in turn little investment in connecting these areas to larger markets and services, the dynamics of transition are perhaps most acute in these areas. Yet there are examples of pastoralism in the region, due to their proximity to urban centres and farming and areas of natural beauty that are valued by the state, which have been incorporated into larger economies and have developed alongside other land uses over a longer period of time.