chapter  10
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Gamifi cation as the Post-Modern Phalanstère: Is the Gamifi cation Playing with Us or Are We Playing with Gamifi cation?


The term gamifi cation spread like wildfi re after Jane McGonigal’s lecture at TED in February 2010. The main postulate is that gamifi cation could positively alter certain human behaviours through the transformation of their activities through the use of language elements of the games and, especially, the technology of video games. On the labour of human eff ort we must do an overview of labour studies from the past and how it has evolved work-leisure-power-happiness relationships for critical and honest analysis about the benefi ts and interests underlying gamifi cation. This chapter aims to analyse how this relationship has evolved during the twentieth and twenty-fi rst centuries, identifying elements of the game which always have been present in other human disciplines and the three ways games and video games are taking new positions in our lives and how this aff ects our personal satisfaction.