chapter  2
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Political realism and Roman Catholic faith in the construction of Europe: Konrad Adenauer, Robert Schuman and Charles de Gaulle MICHAELSUTTON

To what extent, if at all, were leading Roman Catholic statesmen, who were engaged in the ‘construction of Europe’ in the immediate post-war period, driven by any idea that it was above all the memory of Europe’s Christian past that called for the creation of a political entity labelled ‘Europe’ or ‘European’? This question is not the same as asking whether these Catholic statesmen who were committed to European integration in this period were shaped or influenced in their action by Christian values. The answer to this somewhat different question would appear to be generally yes. However, that does not necessarily mean, to revert to the first question, that they were self-consciously engaged in an attempt to resurrect what they might have seen as a congenial if distant past.