chapter  5
Migration, Integration and Transnational Involvement: Muslim Family Migrants in Urban Areas in Britain
Pages 24

This chapter1 explores experiences of and infl uences on integration in British society and transnational involvement among migrants of Muslim faith who came to Britain through marriage to someone living in the UK (family formation) or to join their spouses and/or families (family reunifi cation). It is based on interviews conducted with both recently arrived and established migrants living in Birmingham, Bradford and Newham, in localities within these areas where there are signifi cant Muslim populations. Two main sets of questions are addressed: fi rstly, to what extent do Muslim family migrants in areas with large existing Muslim populations become integrated into the wider society? What factors aff ect the degree of integration? Secondly, do these Muslim family migrants maintain connections with their countries of origin or other countries to which their relatives or friends have migrated and, if so, in what forms? What is the relationship between integration and transnational connections? A key element in addressing both sets of questions is to consider the impact of length of residence in Britain on Muslim family migrants’ integration and transnationalism. The chapter will also consider whether the integration and transnational experiences of family migrants diff er from those of people migrating for other reasons.