chapter  10
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Capturing and Reproducing Marriages: Transnationalism, Materiality and the Wedding Video

South Asian marriages simultaneously involve social relationships and material objects. Objects such as cloth, sweetmeats and gold all proliferate at the time of marriages as part of rituals and are captured through photographs and wedding videos. While there has been some exploration of practices involving ritualized giving and receiving (lena dena) in the context of South Asian marriages, the ways in which their recording and (re) production in wedding albums and videos are integral to South Asian marriages remains relatively unexplored. The importance of the wedding video is such that its production often infl uences the forms of wedding rituals. In the context of transnational marriages, the production of videos is also caught up with negotiations of diasporic identities, whilst the circulation of the videos themselves both supports transnational engagements and provides witness to displays of wealth and cultural capital to internationally dispersed audiences.