chapter  13
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What Next? Steps towards a Recategorization of Universities’ Regional Missions


In our review of the literature in Chapter 1, we argued that much of the existing literature suers from a pair of major shortcomings. On the one hand, organizational scholars focusing on the university have failed to engage with the regional development literature in a substantive way and, in particular, with debates about the complexity of territorial innovation processes. On the other hand, and a mirror image of this rst problem, little attention has been paid, in the discussion of regional development and the regional mission, to the complexity characterizing the modern university. Both of these problems have led to simplistic, ill-devised and ultimately unsatisfying conceptual accounts of the role of universities in regional development. In this volume, we have focused on the latter of the two problems, and the contributions provided go a long way towards bringing a more realistic (i.e. complex) notion of the university into debates about their regional contributions. is nal chapter aims to take stock of where these individual messages lead us, consolidating major insights from the individual chapters into a more coherent analysis of the role of the university in regional development.