chapter  2
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Including children with disabilities in regular classes: Current climate and future direction in Malaysia

Keywords: Malaysia and inclusive practice, integration, inclusion, functional integration, partial integration, vision, skills, incentives, resources, action plans, teaching skills, collaborative skills, regular teachers

Malaysia is a signatory to the “Salamanca Statement” (UNESCO, 1994) and thus, is committed to include its children with disabilities into regular classrooms. For the last 15 years, efforts have been made by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MMOE) to include children with disabilities in regular classes. According to the Federated School’s Inspectorate Report (1998), including children with disabilities has yet to be widely practiced in Malaysia. Not much has changed since the report was published based on discussion with teachers, teaching these children. On average only two to three children with disabilities are being included per school. Thus, the main aim of this chapter is to explore the current status of inclusion in Malaysia, and to discuss possible future directions, focusing on teachers’ training requirements.