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The reasons for measuring and monitoring health and safety performance … The role of standards in the monitoring process … The differences between reactive and active (proactive) monitoring … The importance of clear, unambiguous report writing … The role of performance review and audit … The advantages and disadvantages of internal and external audit … The reasons and legal requirements for recording and reporting incidents and accidents … Basic accident investigation procedures and the different types of accident and incident … Immediate and underlying causes of incidents … Issues concerning insurance and compensation claims … WORKPLACE INSPECTIONS

Detailed check, often using a checklist, of the whole workplace and should cover:

■ the premises (e.g. fi re precautions, access/egress, housekeeping);

■ the plant, equipment and substances (e.g. machine guarding, tools, ventilation);

■ the procedures in place (e.g. safe systems of work, risk assessments, use of PPE); and

■ the workforce (e.g. training, information, supervision, health surveillance).