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Manual handling risk assessment requires the use of mechanical aids; if this is not possible, then the assessment of:

■ the task

■ the individual

■ the load

■ the working environment.

Manual handling training includes:

■ the types of injury;

■ the manual handling assessment fi ndings;

■ potentially hazardous manual handling operations;

■ the correct use of manually operated load moving equipment, such as sack and pallet trucks;

■ the correct use of mechanical aids;

■ the correct use of personal protective equipment;

■ good housekeeping issues;

■ the factors that can affect an individual; and

■ a good lifting technique, such as:

1 Check that suitable clothing (including gloves, if required) and footwear are being worn. Make an approximate assessment of the weight of the load and decide whether to lift it alone. Check to see whether one side of the load is heavier than the other and ensure that the heaviest side of the load is closest to the body.