chapter  5
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Works with Secular and Non-Liturgical Texts

ByD. Kern Holoman

Nature 23 Récitatif et Chasse / Recitative and Hunt 24 La Course à l’abyme: Duo / Ride to the abyss: Duo 25 Pandæmonium: Chœur de damnés et de démons / Pandemonium: Chorus of demons and the

damned 26 Le Ciel: Chœur d’esprits célestes; Apothéose de Marguerite / In heaven: Chorus of heavenly

spirits; Marguerite’s apotheosis

Duration About 2 hours and 30 minutes. For Faust (T), Méphistophélès (Bar. or B; “with alternatives for the two voices”),

Brander (B), Marguerite (Mez); chorus (S I-II, T I-II, B I-II), children’s chorus (S I-II, last scene); flutes I-III (piccolos I-III), oboes I-II (English horn), clarinets I-II, bassoons I-IV; horns I-IV, trumpets I-II, cornets à pistons I-II, trombones I-III, ophicleide and tuba; timpani (two pairs, four players), bass drum, cymbals, snare drum, triangle, tam-tam, bells; harps I-II, strings (15-15-10-12-9).