chapter  10
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Service-Centric Logic of FM


In research and practice, FM is mostly considered to be a discipline where aspects of the built environment play an important role for increasing effi - ciency and reducing costs. Research into FM terminology has attempted to defi ne the meaning of the term, and since 2006 a common European Norm has been established to create a terminological foundation for this fi eld of management. In this norm, FM is defi ned as the “integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the eff ectiveness of its primary activities” (CEN,1 2006, p. 5). Additionally, facility services are defi ned as provision of support to the primary activities of an organization, delivered by an internal or external provider. They are services related to ‘space and infrastructure’ and to ‘people and organizations’ (CEN, 2006, p. 7).