chapter  12
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Ecologies in Existence: Boundaries, Relationships and Dominant Narratives


Many professionals fi nd themselves organizing, communicating and negotiating at the boundaries between organizations. Commercial and functional intended outcomes, whether measured in terms of cost reduction, effi ciency, eff ectiveness (Akhlaghi, 1996), profi tability or otherwise, can be tremendously challenging to achieve for the parties involved. We believe that the potential for success, or indeed failure, lies not in the rigid governance and procedural structures that provide the formal ‘rules’ for interaction but in an appreciation of the multifaceted, complex intra-and inter-woven ecology of organizations coexisting together, codependent upon mutual performance. Do the organizational cultures genuinely ‘fi t’? Do the protagonists and their actors salute similar fl ags? What aff ects the ability for complimentary and mutually benefi cial interaction, and what might the professional and academic implications be for organizational management?