chapter  10
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Technology management in the face of scientifi c uncertainty: a case study of the CCS Test Centre Mongstad

ByBenjamin Evar, Simon Shackley

This chapter builds on the theoretical model from the preceding chapter by Shackley and Evar, and applies concepts of uncertainty management from the science and technology studies literature to a case study of the CCS Test Centre Mongstad (TCM) near Bergen, Norway. The TCM follows in the footsteps of Norway’s endeavours into CCS technology piloting and demonstration, begun in 1996 with the Sleipner off shore CO2 separation and storage project, and continued with the Snøhvit and Kårstø projects, as well as the now cancelled Halten facility. It is distinguished from similar projects worldwide as one of few that aims to separate CO2 from several types of fl ue streams including a gas-powered cogeneration plant and an oil refi nery.