chapter  9
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Tobacco Prevention Strategy in Styria, Austria: a human rights analysis


The development of the Tobacco Prevention Strategy (TPS) Styria started in 2005 with an implementation period of five years, 2005-10. In the meantime two reports were published in 2007 and 2008 and are publicly available on the internet (Koller 2007; Fernandez and Koller 2008). Up to early 2011 no annual reports for 2009 and 2010 could be retrieved online. Selected and more recent information on TPS activities and news was also sourced on the TPS homepage (www.rauchfrei-dabei. at; only in German language). The specific intended purpose of the strategy is to prevent and reduce tobacco consumption in Styria and to thereby reduce associated adverse health effects (Fernandez and Koller 2008). Four general aims have been designed for the TPS Styria (Koller 2007):

• Aim 1: Fewer people start smoking; • Aim 2: More people quit smoking; • Aim 3: Protection of people from the consequences of passive smoking; • Aim 4: Improvement of the level of information regarding the consequences of

smoking and passive smoking and modification of mindsets and attitudes in the population (towards tobacco consumption and passive smoking).