chapter  5
Exploring Teacher Emotions: A Literature Review and an Experience Sampling Study
ByMelanie M. Keller, Anne C. Frenzel, Thomas Goetz, Reinhard Pekrun, Lauren Hensley
Pages 14

Emotions are an integral part of human life. Along with cognition and motivation, emotions are considered one of the three fundamental mental operations that are both interdependent and inseparable in defi ning human beings and their relationship to the environment (e.g., Hargreaves, 2000; Lazarus, Coyne, & Folkman, 1984). Emotions can be defi ned via several psychological processes, including emotion-specifi c motivational tendencies, expressive behaviors, and physiological processes and cognitions; however, the affective component in emotions, such as feelings of unease and nervousness in anxiety, are considered the core element of emotions (e.g., Pekrun, 2006).