chapter  4
Theory based components for implementation of health promoting schools
ByOddrun Samdal, Louise Rowling
Pages 24

Implementation of health promoting schools is not a straightforward implementation of a pre-package programme, which in itself is fairly complex (Durlak, 2003). As demonstrated in Chapters 2 and 3 the implementation of health promoting schools needs to address individual change through organisational change. Denman (1999: 216) highlighted that ‘Health promoting schools approach to practice requires the management and organisational structures to be supportive and for policies to be in place which are coherent, comprehensive and reached by consensus’. Health promoting schools may thus be seen as an approach or framework for action that parallels implementation of a policy or diffusion approach, which prior to the implementation process requires operationalisation of actions to meet policy and framework aims (Guldbrandsson & Bremberg, 2006; Rogers, 2003).