chapter  8
Portugal, Poland and Europe: preparing and planning for student participation and sustainable health promotion practice at school and national level
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In Chapters 4 and 5 preparing and planning for health promotion practice in schools was identifi ed as critical for successful implementation as well as for sustainability. In this chapter two case studies demonstrate how the preparing and planning of the implementation process are important for sustainability both at national level (Portugal) and at local school level (Poland). A systematic process involving the stakeholders in priority of needs and actions is key to the success of the change process. Preparing and planning for the total implementation process also signifi es planning for specifi c components of health promoting schools. A key component of the health promotion approach is the involvement of the target group in terms of student participation. The teachers are the ones to initiate and guide the student participation process. For it to be successful it needs careful planning both at school level and from the individual teacher. The importance of this type of planning is provided through the experiences from a European school-based project on promotion of physical activity and healthy eating.