chapter  7
Serving Students With Extensive Support Needs in General Education Contexts in a Reconceptualized System of Education: Diane Lea Ryndak, Ann-Marie Orlando, and Debra Duran
Pages 21

The purpose of this chapter is to describe one approach a problem-solving team could use to identify, provide, and evaluate the effectiveness of supports for any student with extensive support needs within this reconceptualized education system. The chapter uses one group of students with extensive support needs (i.e., signifi cant disabilities) to provide an example for all students with extensive

support needs. The chapter fi rst provides conceptual underpinnings for serving students with signifi cant disabilities in general education classes; second, it provides information on current educational outcomes and evidence-based practices for students with signifi cant disabilities; third, it describes how a problem-solving team might meet the needs of a student with signifi cant disabilities at one period of time; and fourth, it presents suggestions for preparing personnel to participate on problem-solving teams.