chapter  1
Special Education: A Critical Perspective on Reframing Public Policy for Students With Disabilities: Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill, Leonard C. Burrello, and Wayne Sailor
Pages 18

This book proposes a new policy frame for special education that is intended to remove the praxis of our efforts to serve students with disabilities from an insular system of services, bound within its own rules and regulations, and to pose a new vision for a system that is fully integrated within the larger context of education. We propose to reconceptualize special education as a temporally bounded instructional support system for any student in the public schools who might need support to achieve his or her full capabilities. It is our intent to describe and propose an instructionally oriented discourse and accompanying system that is centered on the learner and the ecology of learning that includes the home, the community, and the school itself (Lashley, 1994; Burrello, Lashley, & Beatty, 2001; Sailor, 2009).