chapter  4
Busting Barriers to Fully Integrating Systems of Education: Analyzing IDEA and Applying Models of Disability
ByShana J. Haines, Rud Turnbull
Pages 23

The central argument in this book-that an integrated system of education will advance the capabilities and outcomes of all students, including those with disabilities-parallels the integration principle of the least restrictive environment (LRE) in the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, 2004). An integrated system can obviate much, if not all, of the separation that LRE presumes is not appropriate for students with disabilities. In other respects, it is quite different. The fundamental conception of education as a single system with no discrete special education component ostensibly eliminates special education as a separate system and puts in its place a single system of supports available to all students. Logically, this integrated system jettisons IDEA’s continuum of services and instead creates dynamic supports and services for students in need, universal problem-solving approaches, and combined funding streams.