chapter  6
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Feminist-Pragmatist Democratic Practice and Contemporary Sustainability Movements: Mary Parker Follett, Jane Addams, Emily Greene Balch, and Vandana Shiva

ByEmily Greene Balch, and Vandana Shiva JUDY D. WHIPPS

A commitment to democracy guided many of the classical American pragmatists and was an underlying principle for philosophy and activism in a wide array of fi elds, from education to feminism to peace work. This was particularly true for feminist pragmatists Jane Addams, Mary Parker Follett, and Emily Greene Balch. Democracy continues to be an aspiration today as seen in the Earth Charter and in the work of Vandana Shiva; however, it also continues to be a contested term in global social justice dialogue, particularly when it is erroneously used as a weapon of imperialism. This chapter demonstrates that these four women’s writing on democracy is relevant in the work of contemporary sustainability movements..