chapter  33
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Roswell Dwight Hitchcock was a professor of church history at the Union Theological Seminary in New York. In 1871 he published Hitchcock’s New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible: Or, the Whole of the Old and New Testaments Arranged According to Subjects in Twenty-seven Books. The idea was not novel, but the scholarly standards were the highest. Each of the books included all the verses the major subject of which belongs to the topic of the book, be it Scripture, God, or Miracles, but also The Family as well as War. The latter book is larger than all the former and is one of the largest of the entire volume. Only Jesus Christ, Civil and Social Life, and Man Redeemed are somewhat larger. The whole book is dedicated by the editor “to all, of whatever name, who desire a better knowledge of God’s word.” The emerging lesson is clear and probably surprising: For a better knowledge of God’s words, as manifested in the scriptures of two major theistic religions, Judaism and Christianity, one has to become familiar with numerous aspects of war that are depicted in these scriptures, such as God’s Hand in War, Military Organization, Strategy, and Tactics, as well as Victory and Pursuit and Mishaps and Casualties, all of which are titles of chapters in the book War.