chapter  2
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Unique Developmental Processes in Twins: Implications for Psychotherapy and Parenting

Twins have a primary attachment to each other that grows and changes, for better or worse, with the life events that they confront, experience, and live through. Twins long to always be perfect mirrors for each other and want to be able to provide the ultimate closeness and narcissistic ful‰llments for each other that they shared as infants and children. Eventually twins will be alone in the mirror, seeing themselves without their partner and experiencing a wide range of emotions, from a sense of loss and confusion to relief and freedom. …eir very close intertwined relationship makes their personality development evolve very di¢erently from that of single children. Unique identity struggles and narcissistic vulnerabilities-confusion about who they are in relationship to their brother or sister-emerge. Feelings of loss and loneliness are inevitable for twins as they develop a separate sense of self (Klein, 2003; Schave & Ciriello, 1983).