chapter  4
Understanding Conflicting Attachments in Twins: The Resolution of Major Depressive Disorders
Pages 22

Lynn and Sandy BEAUTY AND THE LATE BLOSSOM Lynn and Sandy, identical twins, were brought up in the 1980s in rural Idaho by old-fashioned parents who had no psychological understanding of what it takes to raise twins. In actuality, according to their daughter Sandy, her parents liked their family to be very isolated and seemed to want to remain “backward.” Sandy reports that her mother, Grace, never read a book on how to parent. Lynn and Sandy were allowed to play alone for hours on end. Grace left any discipline of her twins to her husband, Norm, who had a serious problem managing his anger. After work if Grace complained that the twins had misbehaved, Norm would physically punish both of his children for minor infractions of Grace’s hard-to-understand household rules.