chapter  3
WithSarah Jones, Sarah Younie
Pages 15

This chapter provides key considerations in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools for the continual professional development of teachers. Both professional development and ICT tools are first defined before looking at specific tools. The chapter presents reflective practice, an essential process to be used in conjunction with ICT tools for professional development. It examines the strategies for accessing and assessing evidence, new knowledge and researching practice are explained before exploring open educational resources, open online courses, networks and communities. The chapter discusses the important and sometimes controversial area of online professional identity. The UK Teacher Development Agency suggests that 'Continuing professional development consists of reflective activity designed to improve an individual's attributes, knowledge, understanding and skills. Evidence and knowledge about professional practice can vary, from the informal to the more formal. The term 'ICT tools', or alternatively 'digital tools', covers a wide and varied domain.