chapter  15
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Dancing in the streets: the sensuous manifold as a concept for designing experience: Scott Palmer and Sita Popat


The remit of this installation was not simply to engage individual participants in the potentially transformative experience of dancing in the streets. The Renaissance Illuminating York1 project sought transformation of the city itself after dark. We were therefore required to use light as the key medium for the installation, and we found that the rhythms of transparency and reflectivity that we wished to create within the individual’s interactive experience are also evident in the use of light as a tool for urban scenography. Light appears at one level to be transparent in that it seems only to show what is there. It is also reflective in that it reveals, sculpts and enhances the buildings and spaces of urban landscapes. The use of light to reveal/conceal has the potential to play with ideas of presence/absence that complement the place/non-place identity of the square.