chapter  15
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Conclusion – looking to the future: no hubris, no false modesty: Geoffrey Harris


A wise policy practitioner should always be aware of the limits to his or her knowledge, even of a subject for which a claim to some familiarity or expertise can be made. Moreover, in an era of increasing specialisation in both public administration and academia the dangers of looking at issues from a specific discipline or perspective are quite substantial. The collective strength of this timely volume is that the authors look at the EU’s global role through different disciplines and approaches. Tracing the development of the EU’s role from its initial primarily economic ambitions, they do so looking from political, commercial, institutional, legal, social, ethical and international relations perspectives. They show the limits to the Union’s achievements as well as its growing potential and they notably identify areas where the EU’s policies, such as on international criminal justice (Bekou and Chadwick, Chapter 6), asylum (Nakasaka, Chapter 9), or competition (Weiß, Chapter 11) exert global influence.