chapter  14
The gifted and talented and effective learning: a focus on the actiotope model of giftedness in the Asian context: Dennis M. Mcinerney
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Ability in various academic, creative and social domains lies along a continuum. Among the characteristics of gifted individuals are above-average intelligence, above-average problem-solving ability (particularly in their use of metacognitive strategies), greater intellectual curiosity, academic interest and challenge-seeking behaviour, higher preference for independent mastery, an emotive interest in their work, greater motivation and persistence than average-ability students (e.g, see Dai, 2009; McClain and Pfeiffer, 2012 ; Pfeiffer, 2012 ; Reis and Renzulli, 2010 ). High perceived academic competence sets gifted students apart from other students, and they have higher mathematical and verbal self-effi cacy (Dai, Moom, and Feldhusen, 1998 ).