chapter  16
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Eastern Adriatic

Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro
WithKristina Pikelj, Vojislav Dragnić, Nemanja Malovrazić

The Eastern Adriatic coast covers six countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania; the coast discussed in this chapter lies between Italy and Albania whilst the island and mainland coastline is 6,190 km in length. The northern area of the eastern Adriatic is shallow, while the deepest fronts the Montenegrin coast. Within the limestone-flysch ratio, considerable stretches of flysch zone face the Adriatic Sea along the Slovenian coast; approximately one third of the Montenegrin coast is flysch, whilst along the Croatian coast, it outcrops to a lesser extent and Quaternary. Political and simplified geological map of the Eastern Adriatic coast. Eastern Adriatic rivers are relatively short, carrying small amounts of sediment. The Eastern Adriatic Current enters the Adriatic Sea through the Strait of Otranto and flows in a north-western direction. Part of the Adriatic Motorway passing through the Split-Ploc e zone is cut in flysch deposits, while in some parts the road has been rebuilt.