chapter  20
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WithAdrian Stãnicã, Nicolae Panin, Glicherie Caraivan

The Romanian coast, situated on the northwestern part of the Black Sea, has an overall length of circa 243 km, stretching from the Ukraine border in the north to Bulgaria in the south. Most of the sedimentary cell is on Ukrainian territory, the state boundary with Romania being in Musura Bay, an area marked by active sedimentation that is currently being transformed into a lagoon. In the area south of Constanta Harbour up to the southern limit of the Romanian coast, beaches consist of medium to coarse-grained sands, most of them of calcareous origin. Coastal erosion Romanian coastal geology and geomorphology, as well as its dynamics, has been a target of research since the 1960s, when the study of beach morphology and sediment sampling and analysis started. The coastal geomorphology group of the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest, commenced work on the Danube delta coastline in the early 1980s.