chapter  21
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WithYuri N. Goryachkin

Ukraine is the largest European country and has a population of 45.6 million people. The 2,700 km coastline includes the northern and western shores of the Black Sea together with the Sea of Azov. With circa 40 per cent being beaches, the traditional places for summer recreation, the most popular area is the Crimean peninsula, whose coastline length comprises about one-third of the total coastline. Traditionally, the Black Sea coastal zone and Sea of Azov is divided into eight areas, based on coastal morphology and processes. If the level of the Black Sea keeps rising, the coast will be menaced by small and large scale flooding. The erosional coast in the Tarkhankut peninsula region and in the southwestern spurs of the Crimean Mountains is composed mainly of limestone. A significant part of the coast is again subject to landslides in clays and a variety of erosional and depositional forms is typical.