chapter  3
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WithMagnus Larson, Hans Hanson

The Swedish coast is dominated by rock shorelines. Sand beaches are primarily found in the southern part, mainly in the county of Scania but also to some extent in Halland, located on the Swedish west coast just above Scania. The focus will be on Scania where most sand beaches are found and where problems with sediment transport frequently occur, which call for different coastal protection types. Coastal erosion performed a country-wide survey to identify shoreline stretches where erosion has been observed. Overview of coastal erosion in Scania Background Scania's geological and geomorphological conditions are to a large degree determined by several glaciation periods. The protective structure created provided a coastal environment that was quite unattractive and had little access for people. Detached breakwaters have only been used in a few cases in Sweden for the purpose of coastal protection.