chapter  10
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Olympic education in the context of the Beijing Olympic Games
ByHai Ren

The Chinese education system, according to the Education Act, is divided into pre-school, primary, secondary and high school education. It is legitimately required that all children who have reached the age of six have to go through compulsory education of nine years – six years in primary schools and three in junior high schools. China has the largest population in the world so its education scale is very large. In 2014, the total number of all types of schools was 51.4 million. Among them, 21 million kindergartens, 25.4 million primary and junior high schools (compulsory education), 2.6 million high schools, 2,824 high educational institutions and 2,000 special educational institutions. The total enrolment is 260 million. The Ministry of Education is responsible for educational affairs.