chapter  20
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Olympic education in Spain as a multi-facet enterprise
ByEmilio Fernández Peña, Natividad Ramajo, Berta Cerezuela, Jose Manuel Pardo Gila

The appointment of Juan Antonio Samaranch as National Delegate for Physical Education and Sports in 1967 and the introduction of the General Education Law of 1970 served as a boost for sport in Spanish society, with the launch of campaigns promoting physical activity, the creation of basic sports facilities that enabled the practice of sport, and the recognition of physical education as an academic discipline (Bielsa Hierro and Vizuete Carrizosa, 2005). Currently, under the overarching responsibility of the High Council for Sports, housed within the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Spanish sport has now become structured and forms an integral part of the lives of millions of Spanish people.