chapter  18
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Effect of a 2-week preseason conditioning program on repeat sprint ability on male collegiate soccer athletes

Department of Biology, University of Portland, Portland Oregon, USA 1. INTRODUCTION Soccer training is divided into seasonal component parts, the preseason, competitive season, and off-season. Preseason is the period immediately prior to the competitive season. During this time, technical and tactical training are emphasized along with the development of agility, speed and soccer specific endurance capacities. While professional teams typically take 6 weeks to prepare for an upcoming season, collegiate athletes in the US only get 16 days of preseason before their first competition. Historically, preseason in the United States for collegiate athletes includes two workouts per day as coaches try to maximize the time available for training. Teams typically train with the ball in the morning session and condition with or without the ball in the afternoon session. Every three or four days athletes commonly complete a comprehensive strength training session.