chapter  43
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Passing ability of adolescent soccer players during 4-day tournament play


Previously during tournament play, reduced match performance including distances covered (total and high-intensity running) and increased perceptions of fatigue have been identified in adolescent soccer players (Rowsell et al., 2011). Predominantly as a result of insufficient recovery periods and strategies between games, this match-related fatigue has been reported to have significant implications on the short-passing ability as well as technical proficiency during simulated gameplay (Stone et al., 2009; Rowsell et al., 2011). Due to the complexities of soccer match-play, tests that allow game specific proficiencies (such as accuracy and ball control) and techniques (such as dribbing and passing) should be utilized to assess any influence of fatigue on skill performance. Therefore the aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of match-related fatigue on the technical execution of adolescent soccer player’s short-passing ability across a 4-day tournament.