chapter  4
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Going along to get along


Terry Peters was in a tough situation. His boss was asking him to do something that Terry believed bordered on dishonesty. However, if he refused to go along, he was pretty sure that his position as a sales representative with the Acme Instruments Corporation would be seriously jeopardized. As a new member of the Northeast Medical Instruments team, Terry was just beginning to learn the ropes regarding his responsibilities as a fi eld sales rep calling on hospitals, medical laboratories, and other medical facilities. His job called for regular sales calls on each of his assigned accounts to provide product information and to take orders for new and replacement medical instruments products. Since he was one of fi ve sales representatives in the Northeast region, he, along with his fellow team members, traveled extensively from account to account in a widespread geographic area. Terry’s territory covered western Massachusetts, northern New York, and Vermont. It was not unusual for him to be “on the road” for two and sometimes three nights a week. In order to properly cover his accounts, it was important for him to have a dependable, comfortable automobile. It was in the area of reimbursement for the automobile expenses and for other related travel costs that Terry was confronted with his ethical dilemma.