chapter  5
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Hunky Dory


In April 2010, Largo Foods, the company behind the Irish brand of potato chips, Hunky Dory , launched an outdoor advertising campaign on billboards and bus stops throughout Ireland, designed by the advertising agency Chemistry . (For the controversial ads, see www.!/photos/73923/4.) Largo Foods also had a dedicated microsite for the campaign on its webpage. The campaign cost E520,000 and was shot by world famous sports photographer Walter Iooss Jr in Miami, Florida. A number of posters were developed featuring scantily clad women playing rugby, a sport which is currently popular in Ireland. Fuelling the sport’s popularity was the country’s recent win in 2009 of the Grand Slam for the annual Six Nations competition between England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, something they had only ever achieved once before. The ads featured a number of different Tag Lines such as “Others Haka, We Hunky,” “Tackle These” and “Are you Staring at my Crisps?” On each of the posters the same tag line “Proud Sponsors of Irish Rugby” was also featured.