chapter  15
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Montenegro Electronics, Ltd.


At 28 years old, Mirko Markotitch had reached the fi rst plateau in his strategy for launching a career in international business. Two months ago, he had been transferred to the Serbian International Headquarters of U.S. Electronics Enterprises, Inc. (USEE) to assume responsibilities as a sales representative working out of the company’s international sales offi ces in Belgrade. Having been raised in Bor and educated in Belgrade, this assignment was a welcome return “home” after fi ve years in the US, fi rst as an MBA student in a leading American business school and then as a trainee and sales representative in the New York sales division of USEE. Mirko’s decision to work for USEE was based on his perception that this billion-dollar, multinational company would offer challenging opportunities for him to gain experience and earn advancement in the fi eld of international business.