chapter  7
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Poetically, Man Dwells With Crickets: Nature and Culture of Chinese Singing Insects: Xingbao Jin and Alan L. Yen


The highly successful 2010 Shanghai World Expo is now over. Its theme, “Better City, Better Life”, has catalyzed the concept of ‘eco-city’, a human settlement that enables its residents to attain a high standard of living, while minimizing expenditure of natural resources.1 For many rapidly developing cities, it is important for governors, planners, builders and inhabitants to understand the core philosophy of the eco-city, that is, to rebuild or improve existing cities to attain a balance with nature based on principles for long-term ecological sustainability, cultural vitality and the health of the Earth’s biosphere. This concept has to be embodied in many aspects of the city management: the buildings, the transport system, industry, the economy, cultural vitality, the state of the urban natural environment and biodiversity.