chapter  1
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Th e Chaining of Social Problems: Solutions and Unintended Consequences in the Age of Betrayal In this chapter I build on arguments about the unintended consequences of political action raised by infl uential scholars argue that the solution of one problem produces other problems as a result of the solution. In this sense social problems are chained together with solutions causing new problems. I use as an example the prevention of subversion in American politics. I demonstrate how from 1919 through 2001, each political solution has provoked a new set of problems in its wake

Byincluding Herbert Spencer, Robert Merton, and Lewis Coser. I

In March 1934 a liberal New York Congressman, Samuel Dickstein, a Democrat represent ing the Lower East Side of Manhattan, stood on the floor of the House of Representatives. Hitler had recently grabbed power in Germany and fascism seemed on the march. Even in Dickstein’s Manhattan, German supporters were goose-stepping at pro-Nazi rallies in Yorkville.