chapter  13
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Promoting Positive Change in Physician–Administrator Relationships: Th e Importance of Identity Security in Managing Intractable Identity Confl icts

ByMichael G. Pratt, C. Marlene Fiol, Edward J. O’Connor, and Paul Panico

While debates have ensued regarding the best solutions for improving health care in the United States, everyone seems to agree that the United States spends more per capita on health care than any other industrialized nation but ranks among the lowest on health-care eff ectiveness. Essentially, we pay more but receive poorer results than our peers. Certainly change is needed. But rather than focusing on institutional-level changes, our focus here is on intergroup dynamics. Specifi cally, we hone in on one primary reason for the current health-care woes in the United States: the quality of intergroup physician-administrator relationships.