chapter  1
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The Call: Why a Book Now on Using a Positive Lens to Explore Social Change and Organizations?

ByJane E. Dutton, Karen Golden-Biddle, Elana Feldman

How can application of a positive lens to understanding social change and organizations enrich and elaborate theory and practice? Th is is the core question that inspired this book. It is a question that brought together a diverse and talented group of researchers interested in change and organizations in diff erent problem domains (sustainability, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and education). Th e contributors to this book bring diff erent theoretical lenses to the question of social change and organizations. Some are anchored in more macro accounts of how and why social change processes occur, while others approach the question from a more psychological or social psychological perspective. Many of the chapters in the book travel across levels of analyses, making their accounts of social change good examples of multi-level theorizing. Some scholars are practiced and immersed in thinking about organizational phenomena from a positive lens; for others it is a total adventure in trying on a new set of glasses. However, connecting all contributing authors is an excitement and willingness to explore new insights and new angles on how to explain and cultivate social change within or across organizations.